Did you ever wonder if a walk-in bathtub could be dangerous for your child?

Well, let’s see.

The walk in tubs are suitable for adults, especially for those people with chronic illness, mobility challenges or those with arthritis. But, this high-walled, comfortable and good-for-bath tool could land your child into problems. Find out how below:

1. It’s Easy for a Child to Submerge

Children, especially those under six years of age, are small in size. Why is this a concern? It’s easy for them to be covered with water due to the high walls of this deep bathtub. Also, the tub is designed with a heated seat and back; the child could get too relaxed and end up sleepy under water.

a boy in a walk-in tub

2. It’s Difficult to Save Your Child in Case of Emergency

The bathtub is deep with water which makes it hard to save the child if he ends up at the bottom of it. Saving the child would mean opening the door which would take quite a time since you have to wait for the water to drain completely in order to open it.

Instead, it would have been easier to save the child from the open top, but due to the high height of the wall, it is impossible.

3. The Child Could Fall and Get Hurt

A walk-in bathtub contains a seat that is raised to a height suitable for adults. This means that there is a high possibility of children to fall as they try to get out of the seat to step on the foot of the bathtub. This exposes the child to the risk of being hurt.

4. Exiting Can Be Difficult with an Inward-Opening Door

The child can block the door from the inside of the bathtub. This makes it hard to reach for the child in case of an emergency.

5. The Risk of the Child Getting a Skin Disease

Shared bathtubs would expose a child to the danger of contracting a skin disease. A tub with multiple users needs to be disinfected and well cleaned, but this one, because of its shape and height, is hard to clean thoroughly.

In conclusion, a walk-in bathtub is a comfortable and satisfying bathing tub for adults. It’s not a good idea for a child to use it. Otherwise, the child will be at the risk of exposure to the above unsafe conditions.