Turkey always seems to end up on travelers’ bucket lists. The lovely country right smack in the middle of Asia and Europe provides tourists the perfect blend of Asia’s culture and Europe’s lifestyle. Ideal for beach vacations and cultural visits, Turkey continues to amaze visitors from all over the world.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, on your honeymoon with your partner, in the middle of a family tour, or planning a sales incentives travel for your employees, Turkey should be an interesting destination for you.

Here are four amazing cities that you should be visiting in Turkey.

1. Istanbul

You can never leave Turkey without visiting Istanbul. In fact, most probably your flight to Turkey will land in Istanbul, so this city will be the very first that you’ll see. History buffs will definitely appreciate the city, with a lot of remnants and stories about the Ottoman and Byzantine empires.

However, Istanbul isn’t just about history. It’s also a place where your modern lifestyle will surely have a blast. The city is progressive in nature, so expect a lot of European influence when you visit Istanbul.

2. Izmir

The third most popular city in Turkey, Izmir is perfect if you want a different type of vacation. Although the city is considered one of the most westernized in the whole country, Izmir also has exciting destinations for the unconventional tourist.

If you fancy visiting a local Turkish zoo, or if you would like to try your luck in some horse-racing, Izmir is the way to go. Scenic views also abound in Turkey. While shopping in Alsancak, experience a breathtaking view of its majestic castles.

Izmir Turkey

3. Ankara

Ankara is Turkey’s capital. Foreigners who frequent Ankara will definitely advise first timers to visit old classic shops in Weaver’s Road (also known as Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşui). Other attractions include remains of the Roman Theater, Temple of Augustus and Rome, Roman Baths, Roman Road, and the Column of Julian.

Ankara Turkey

4. Trabzon

If you want to mingle with the friendliest locals, then you may want to visit Trabzon. A city on the Black Sea at Turkey’s northeastern side, Trabzon is famous for the Sumela monastery. The Hagia Sophia, a majestic Byzantine church, ranks at the top of tourist destinations of the city.

Turkey has a lot to offer, whether you love nature, culture, city life, food, music, or anything in between. See more cities in Turkey to visit here. No wonder the country is a mix of exciting stories from tourists!