It goes without saying that in the current world is hard to separate social media management from Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Hence, it has led to a drastic increase in the number of social CRM services.

Social CRM provides direct access to both your clients, a wealth of data and enhances the viability of your business in the long run. Nonetheless, it won`t be of any benefit offering social CRM services without identifying and using management and engagement solution that fits your organization.

Furthermore, you should come up with strict guidelines and procedures for efficient use of social CRM. Hence, this write-up is aimed at giving you three surefire tips for social CRM success.

1. Utilize the Right Platforms

A lot of social CRM success depends on selecting the appropriate social media engagement platform for your organization. It’s critical to monitor all the social streams while identifying all the conversations that need your attention or engagement. Furthermore, you can get a good platform to know any emerging customer service issues or any new prospects by checking the brand mentions.

Some of the key things that you should consider to choose the right platforms, include:

  • Put more attention on clients.
  • The ability to create as well as monitor groups.
  • The ability to integrate with existing business applications.


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2. Use the Right Resources

Social CRM is an unparalleled opportunity to deliver quality customer service. Nonetheless, it can also be a potential source of stress and frustration for your clients if you are not well-equipped to handle arising problems. Therefore, you should come up with a robust framework that connects with your organization`s objectives and allow you to track your progress in real-time for significant adjustment.

For example, when you reply via Twitter, you can track how many new followers each tweet yields. Or, if you choose to promote via Facebook, you can follow-up how the interactions impact on the sales conversion rates.

3.Maintain a Good Image

Needless to say, social CRM is a vital part of social media engagement. Clients are not interested in an automated response to their issues.

Therefore, to give the optimal attention, you’re required to have a team of experts to monitor all customer concerns on all social media platforms that you utilize. The people you employ should be able to represent your firm in a manner that is consistent with your corporate image and brand.

Furthermore, to maintain a good picture, it’s advisable to engage exclusively with your brand on the various social media platforms by rewarding all loyal clients.