Customer Bloom, New Jersey’s premier marketing agency, tells us that cyber security threats have risen to an alarming level. This creates a lot of insecurities in data handling in many companies.

Nearly all companies store their data online and most of them run a risk of exposing their information due to poor IT security systems. Most IT security teams unable to cope with security risks may start losing their jobs as a result of their failures.

Nowadays, many people get access to sensitive data that, if publicly exposed, could create huge losses to the organization in question.

According to statistics revealed by USA Federal Communication Commission, FCC, at a huge Data Center facility, the cost of downtime is greater than $2 million an hour. Many IT security teams have provided solutions to mitigate the security threats and most of them do not work.

Major security threats are listed below:

Insider Threats

Some people working in an organization may become threats themselves. They may be administrators who have access to sensitive data in the company. They possess extreme access to these data and have privileges to perform sensitive operations on critical levels of the organization.

Insiders can be biased and due to selfish interests decide to expose sensitive information to outsiders. This risk can bring a company to its knees or cause huge losses which can be hard to recover. This creates a problem to IT security teams who cannot detect such a flaw.

Failure in Security Servers

Failure of security servers create a disruption in security operations of an organization. Persons dealing with security may lose control of their devices.

Web based access controls are disabled, CCTV surveillance cameras lose their reception, access control doors cannot be opened or closed. Card access to particular doors cannot be managed by security personnel and authorization levels to identify card holders’ identities becomes difficult.

Due to poor IT security systems, this may result to huge data losses.

In-effective Alert Procedures

In times of emergencies, it’s of great importance to alert individuals of the security risk at hand in regard to their location, the level of risk and their role to play to curbing the menace.

In such situations, relevant information must reach the targeted audience using the fastest and most efficient method possible. If this role is left to individual employees, confusion may arise and it may lead to huge losses including loss of lives.

The Rise of Hackers

In today’s world, technological advancements is experienced every day. Individuals with exceptional hacking skills are on the rise due to the overwhelming content in the internet.

Most companies rely on electronic data as an efficient way of storing sensitive information. These hackers breach security measures put in place by the IT security teams which render the data in question vulnerable.