The human resource (HR) profession involves dealing with management of employment aspects. Such aspects include recruitment, hiring, firing, compensation, and retirement.

Common HR professionals are HR managers, recruiters and training specialists. These HR professionals must possess a wide array of human resource job skills, both hard and soft.

Hard skills are mostly acquired through learning. They include:

  • computer and technology skills
  • foreign language knowledge
  • typing skills

Soft skills, also called interpersonal or people skills, generally focus on your interaction with others. They include:

  • flexibility
  • negotiation
  • leadership
  • multitasking
  • change management and time management skills

Let us now narrow our focus to top 3 human resource job skills as highlighted below.

1. Organization Skills

The world of the human resource requires HR professionals to embrace careful planning and efficiency in dealing with HR tasks. For instance, HR managers have to ensure easy accessibility of employee records at all times. In meeting planning, the HR managers have to consider the roles and responsibilities of the rest of the managers and employees. By maintaining an organized workplace setting, HR professionals enable the organization’s management to respond better to issues of termination, salary negotiation and benefits.

2. Communication Skills

The human resource profession fosters effective communication throughout the organization. It is through communication that effective employee-employer relations are achieved.

HR professionals who possess great communication skills (both oral and written) stimulate productivity, satisfaction and motivation among employees. Whether it is inviting job applicants for interviews, conducting a training session or dealing with a crisis, HR managers must do so by employing effective communication skills. They must strive to express issues in a clear and confident way.

HR representatives also have to practice excellent listening skills. They must lend a listening ear to the concerns of every individual in an organization.

3. Conflict Management and Problem Solving Skills

Conflicts and problems are part of every organization. HR specialists have to enhance a conducive workplace environment by peacefully managing such issues. HR specialists can only realize this if they possess skills such as listening, patience, negotiation and mediation skills which are essential in addressing problems. By employing these skills, the HR representatives can help each party involved in conflict reach a reasonable and fair agreement respectfully.

In conclusion, as an upcoming or current HR professional, having the above skills can help propel your career to the next level.