Floor heating and conventional heating are some of the best floor heating systems adopted around the world. Both have beneficial features and are very popular. Let us discuss both systems and get to know them closer.

What is Floor Heating System?

Floor heating system or “underfloor heating and cooling” is a very old and historical practice seen around the world. This practice was originated and archeologically witnessed as a heating system during as early as 5000 BC in Neo-glacial and Neolithic period. This is a form of heating by conduction, radiation and convection. Historically, fire was used for this form of heating. In the course of time, coal, water, and latest radiant based HVAC systems including electric resistance elements were incorporated into floor heating system.

What is Conventional Heating System?

In the conventional heating system, a furnace blows hot air through ducts which keeps the room warm. The heat or hot air is generated either by electricity, or by natural gas, or by fuel oil. This system is also known as ducted warm-air or forced warm-air distribution system.

A Comparative Study

As these two heating systems are based on two different methodologies, both have its own implications. But in an era when energy consumption is considered with uttermost importance, floor heating gets more importance due to its less consumption of its energy be it be natural gas or electricity.

The radiant floor heating system provides heat to the floor which is circulated to the room; whereas in conventional heating system hot or cool air is forced pumped from a compressor to the room directly.

As radiant floor heating system consumes less energy, it results cost effective heating system. On the other hand, in the conventional heating system your electric and gas bills hikes.

You can use some of the best floor heating systems along with the conventional heating system. This will reduce the consumption of energy along with the costs as well as gives you the pleasure of using the conventional heating system.

While comparing the radiant floor heating and the conventional heating systems, at some angle you will have to use conventional heating particularly in cases of boiler and water heater occasions. In these cases, if you compare the radiant heating system and the conventional heating system particularly on the basis of costs it involves, it is undoubtedly the conventional heating system you need to adopt because electricity is certainly cheaper than fuel oil or gas.

Final Verdict

It can be concluded that both radiant floor heating system and the conventional heating system have their own benefits. The best solution is to install both heating systems for maximum efficiency. The choice is yours.