“Can I experience discomfort on my first boat trip?”

This is a challenging question. Ask ten people what they remember of their first boating experience, and no two answers will be the same. A few got seasick, others were paranoid, and the rest who weren’t scared of getting lost, stranded or worse — drowning – yearned for another ride.

Let’s be real. We’re not all adrenaline junkies. When the boat rocks and there’s no land in sight, you’ll get nervous.

Here are a few unpleasant things you may experience (not meant to scare you, but to prepare you):

1. A Sore Back

You may experience mild pain in the lower back and shoulders after a day on the boat, especially if the sea was rough. It won’t be anything that a good massage, rest and a hot bath won’t fix, hopefully.

If you have a chronic back pain, sit at the center of the boat and your back will thank you; it doesn’t rock much here.

There are two ways of alleviating back pain: stretching and prescriptions. I prefer the former ’cause it’s free.

2. Paranoia

Every man has two fears – the fear of death and the fear of change. Paranoia falls into the former. Cruise too far into the sea and your primal instincts will kick in. Your brain will give you images of your boat capsizing or running out of fuel. It’s only natural.

In fact, you should be grateful that your instincts are keeping you safe and not focusing on mindless things (like how you’ll beat your Facebook friends in Candy Crush).

3. Sea Sickness

Motion sickness doesn’t discriminate between first time boaters and seasoned sailors — it hits us hard. But we keep going back to the sea anyway. We have our secret, however – we look at the horizon but we don’t stare. It’s so simple that you won’t believe it works.

Lower your caffeine intake and avoid alcohol. You have to choose between feeling the warm breeze softly brushing against your skin and getting drunk.

I’m usually skeptical of hypnotism (and anything vaguely related to psychology) but a few sailors swear it assuages seasickness. You can try it if you believe in the so-called “emotional freedom.”

4. Feeling Like You’re Still on the Boat

Have you ever been on the trampoline or swam for too long? There’s that hard to explain feeling, when you feel like you’re still jumping or you’re still in the pool. I know you get it. Guess what, you’ll feel like you’re still moving hours after you get off the boat.

Perhaps the guys at Fast Boat Rentals can shed light on what causes this “boat hangover”. I hear they’re the boat experts.