Today, cycling in Canada is getting more and more popular, both as a sport and a form of exercise. The number of people who would like to take up a cycle race increases daily.

But, they soon realize that competitive cycling includes an element of heavy training, and also a very careful consideration of their nutrition.

So, what should you eat and drink when cycling?

1. Porridge

Porridge is made with oats, and these provide a very slow release energy source that keeps you full and energized for longer. Adding either blueberries or honey to your porridge will give you an extra boost and keep you going for longer.

2. Wholemeal Bread

Another food that is good before cycling is a wholemeal bread or brown bread with either jam or honey. Although this is not as substantial as a bowl of porridge, it may be all you need or feel like depending on the time of day that you are cycling.

3. Water

It is important during your cycling that you drink water often throughout the day. DO NOT wait until you are thirsty before you drink. There is quite a time lag before your brain will register that you are thirsty, and by this time, you could be dehydrated.

Water loss of this magnitude will reduce your physical performance by as much as a quarter, so always drink as often as you can during your cycling. We recommend every fifteen to twenty minutes.

4. Pasta

If you’re cycling for a long distance later in the day, you could consider a bowl of pasta with either cheese or butter, nothing too complicated. Pasta is a carbohydrate which provides fuel for your muscles and doesn’t sit too heavy on your stomach. This may not be ideal for an early morning ride, but is perfect if you’re cycling in the afternoon or evening.

5. Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Milk

During your long and exhaustive cycling session, your body works very hard and thus requires more energy. In such conditions, extra calories and proteins are not enough. We need several other vitamins and minerals to empower bones, to improve our digestive system, protection from infections, and all other body functions. These can be achieved from fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk.

What Food to Avoid when Cycling?

Try to avoid any fried foods and anything too heavy as this will only sit on you and make you feel ill. Eat foods that are easy to digest — it will give you a steady release of energy.