In this article, you’ll get every reason why more and more people are choosing Crown forklifts for any of their material handling needs. Experts are ranking Crown Equipment Corporation among the best manufacturers dealing with industrial handling equipment in the word today.

The company’s operations are in the USA, China, and Germany, with its distribution operation spanning the entire world. It’s the fifth largest company in the world with its corporate headquarters located in New Bremen, Ohio.

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Why choose Crown Forklifts

By picking their forklifts either for your dock or warehouse cargo moving operation, you’ll enjoy the service that many operators attribute with numerous design awards and promoting their ergonomic working, which enhances productivity and uptime.

What is more, the company creates its forklifts to offer the most efficient warehouse operation to whatever the operator is doing.

What to expect from Crown Forklifts


You can choose from the widest variety there is, including the eclectic powered and gas forklifts, as well as the recently launched internal combustion forklifts.

The presence of the best solutions for all warehousing concerns prides the company. The incredible variety means a perfect settlement to every of your warehousing need – irrespective of your scale of operation and activities.

Availability of spare parts

A forklift must always be in the best condition possible for you to uphold maximum uptime and durability. As a result, the company supports its forklifts by the availability of servicing parts and repair technicians all over the world. Therefore, their spare parts distribution network will ensure that your forklift is always in excellent condition.

Used or new

You can find a new or used crown forklift for either rental or basic need. Since the company designs these forklifts for durable service, you can expect to enjoy the best service whether you decide to buy a new or used one, depending on your resources and needs.

Driver training program

Handling cargo in your warehouse or at the docks is a risky and delicate undertaking. Careless or improper handling can lead to loss of your goods as well as human life.

Following this, the company provides driving courses to all operators to ensure that you reap the best out of Crown forklift. Furthermore, a team of the best assessors and trainers in the industry back this program.

The above services are just a few reasons that have earned the company a reputation of manufacturing the best forklifts of 2016.

Therefore, the company guarantees you a reliable performance from any forklift it provides.