Snoring undermines a person’s capacity to have a peaceful night. Sleeping becomes a major discomfort. Further, the health of an individual is at risk as well as the relationship with one’s partner. The snorer and non-snorer face the same challenge – disturbed sleep day in, day out.

Since snoring is attributed to many variables ranging from obesity, sleeping on the back to nasal congestion, there are multiple options for stopping snoring.

So what is the best stop snore solution? Let us explore in details six options:

1. Lifestyle Adjustments

One of the major contributing factors to snoring is a person’s way of living. If you’re an overweight person, incorporating a healthy diet and exercise in your daily life can lessen and eventually stop snoring. This requires complete discipline and commitment in order to achieve results within a given time.

2. Consult a Doctor

In some cases, snoring can be attributed to multiple factors making it hard to find an applicable long-lasting solution. Thus, it is crucial to seek medical attention from a qualified sleep physician who will conduct a physical analysis and offer appropriate medical care and advice.

3. Positional Therapy

Some persons snore because they have poor sleeping styles (e.g. sleeping on their backs). This enhances blockage of the airway which ultimately leads to snoring. The key to stopping snoring, in this case, is to practice sleeping on your side. For this solution to be effective, the tennis ball technique must be integrated. It involves having a ball stitched on the back of your nightdress to restrict one from sleeping on the back.

4. Acquisition of a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

This is the most affordable solution to stop snoring. For this to work, it requires conducting a test to determine the most suitable mouthpiece for an individual. For instance, if you snore simply because your mouth is open, a jaw retaining mouthpiece will be practical.

5. Nurturing a Culture of Sleeping Habits

Don’t be a workaholic who ignores sleeping time. Find enough time to gain maximum sleep. This is essential in avoiding the muscles from becoming flaccid. Extreme exhaustion caused by overworking leads to snoring.

6. Keep off Alcohol Before Going to Bed

Alcohol triggers over-relaxation of muscles during sleep. This over-relaxation enhances the collapse of the back of the throat prompting snoring.

In wrapping up, snoring can be contained by the aforesaid stop snore solutions. It doesn’t happen overnight. But with dedication and putting into practice these solutions, it is achievable.