Author: Zoey Burton

What is Film Insurance?

Film insurance refers to taking an insurance cover against some unforeseen incidences such as natural calamities and illnesses that might lead to a delay in film production. It may also include covering incidences that may damage the film equipment during the shooting process. The involvement of many processes and many people during the filmmaking process may lead to many uncertainties. Film insurance, therefore, helps the producer mitigate against some of the risks involved. Who needs film insurance? Media and film production companies Photographers Videographers Cinematographers Post-production Studios Sound engineers Cameramen Why film insurance is needed There are three basic...

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Top 3 Human Resource Job Skills

The human resource (HR) profession involves dealing with management of employment aspects. Such aspects include recruitment, hiring, firing, compensation, and retirement. Common HR professionals are HR managers, recruiters and training specialists. These HR professionals must possess a wide array of human resource job skills, both hard and soft. Hard skills are mostly acquired through learning. They include: computer and technology skills foreign language knowledge typing skills Soft skills, also called interpersonal or people skills, generally focus on your interaction with others. They include: flexibility negotiation leadership multitasking change management and time management skills Let us now narrow our focus...

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Incentive Travel: Make Your Employees Loyal

Incentive travel is a form of business related travel. It has the purpose of providing a certain motivation for the business people, in order to help them become more devoted to the job and more successful. This type of travel can be used as a form of reward, but it’s often launched when the employer needs an extra level of proactivity from its employees. Even if we’re talking about an improvement in the sales numbers or a better fulfillment of some targets, an employee travel incentive program will always be a great method to achieve those things. The main...

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6 Best Anti Snore Solutions

Snoring undermines a person’s capacity to have a peaceful night. Sleeping becomes a major discomfort. Further, the health of an individual is at risk as well as the relationship with one’s partner. The snorer and non-snorer face the same challenge – disturbed sleep day in, day out. Since snoring is attributed to many variables ranging from obesity, sleeping on the back to nasal congestion, there are multiple options for stopping snoring. So what is the best stop snore solution? Let us explore in details six options: 1. Lifestyle Adjustments One of the major contributing factors to snoring is a...

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How Does Scoliosis Affect Pregnancy?

Worried about your pregnancy and how it will change your health? Research shows that many women who have scoliosis tend to worry about pregnancy even more than normal mothers. In case you don’t know what Scoliosis refers to, it is a condition that is characterized by displacement of the spinal cord, leading to pain and discomfort during birth. If you have this condition, you need to understand its implications in detail so you can plan your pregnancy accordingly. It’s important to know that even if you’ve been diagnosed with scoliosis, you can carry on your pregnancy without many problems,...

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