Month: May 2018

What to Eat and Drink While Cycling?

Today, cycling in Canada is getting more and more popular, both as a sport and a form of exercise. The number of people who would like to take up a cycle race increases daily. But, they soon realize that competitive cycling includes an element of heavy training, and also a very careful consideration of their nutrition. So, what should you eat and drink when cycling? 1. Porridge Porridge is made with oats, and these provide a very slow release energy source that keeps you full and energized for longer. Adding either blueberries or honey to your porridge will give...

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5 Benefits of One-on-One Coaching for Business Owners

The business world is constantly changing due to a wide range of factors — technology, government policies, culture… This is why, regardless of your business expertise or level of experience, you can benefit from 1-on-1 business owner coaching. It is especially true for unseasoned entrepreneurs or anyone who may be just starting out in the business field. With that said, the following are some of the main advantages of hiring a one-on-one business coach: 1. Help to remain objective Working day in, day out can cause business owners to feel attached to every minor aspect of their enterprise, thus...

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