Month: February 2018

4 Unpleasant Things You Can Experience During Your Florida Boat Trip

“Can I experience discomfort on my first boat trip?” This is a challenging question. Ask ten people what they remember of their first boating experience, and no two answers will be the same. A few got seasick, others were paranoid, and the rest who weren’t scared of getting lost, stranded or worse — drowning – yearned for another ride. Let’s be real. We’re not all adrenaline junkies. When the boat rocks and there’s no land in sight, you’ll get nervous. Here are a few unpleasant things you may experience (not meant to scare you, but to prepare you): 1....

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5 Traits of a Top Scoliosis Surgeon

When physical therapy isn’t effective at combating scoliosis, surgical procedures are the next viable option. These procedures are quite delicate, and you want to be sure that you are in good hands of a competent professional. You don’t go around trusting all the physicians you come across. The secret to choosing the right surgeon for degenerative scoliosis treatment lies in knowing what questions to ask and trusting your skepticism. This is how you know you’re looking at the right one: 1. Knowledgeable and Patient Surgeons aren’t made overnight. They’ve studied for years and they’re always learning new things every...

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