Month: December 2016

4 Tips for Writing Highly Converting Facebook Ads

It’s a competitive world today where the businesses are struggling hard to secure a safe haven in the market. The appropriate marketing is of utmost importance to stay strong in it. Nowadays, the traditional marketing has transformed and evolved into more of digital marketing, owing to the increasing invasion of internet in the daily lives of the modern people. Social media like Facebook, with the highest public presence, can create wonders for a business with the help of ad campaigns. Hence, social media marketing company has the basic job of facilitating through Facebook marketing business by employing Facebook ad...

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Are Walk-in Tubs Safe for Children?

Did you ever wonder if a walk-in bathtub could be dangerous for your child? Well, let’s see. The walk in tubs are suitable for adults, especially for those people with chronic illness, mobility challenges or those with arthritis. But, this high-walled, comfortable and good-for-bath tool could land your child into problems. Find out how below: 1. It’s Easy for a Child to Submerge Children, especially those under six years of age, are small in size. Why is this a concern? It’s easy for them to be covered with water due to the high walls of this deep bathtub. Also,...

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What Is Occupational Stress and How to Prove It?

Occupational stress is a term used to describe the emotional strain caused by the inability of an employee to cope with expectations, workload, and other pressures in the workplace. Simply put, it’s a form of work-related stress. In the workplace, it manifests as employee demotivation, increased absenteeism, and reduced productivity. Moreover, some demotivated employees may request for multiple sick-offs, either for genuine illnesses or simply due to malingering. So, apart from lost hours due to absenteeism, occupational stress also costs the company more by requiring it to pay for the medical expenses of the affected worker. Experts have recognized occupational stress as one of the three conditions that psychologically drain the workforce of its will to work properly. The other two conditions, which are also closely related to occupational stress, are anxiety and depression. Let’s have a closer look at the causes of occupational stress: Toxic Work Environment and Occupational Stress A myriad of factors causes occupational stress. Some of these factors are used as proof of occupational stress, while others are used as evidence to show that the employees have been subjected to work pressures beyond their coping ability. The leading cause of occupational stress is a poor relationship between workers and their supervisors. Such a relationship leads to poor management of the workplace, taking its toll on the psychological health of the workers. This is one of...

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